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Romney, the C E F’ing O

April 22, 2012

It appears that Mr. Romney will be the Republican nominee for President. He makes numerous claims, and takes numerous stands, some of which seem to be the opposite of claims and stands he’d made earlier, and this has occurred with sufficient frequency that one can suppose there will be more, and perhaps he’ll make counter claims, and take opposite stands to those he’d made earlier but that match claims and stands he’d made earlier than that, so that he could end up agreeing with his own earliest positions after disagreeing with them in between time. Oh, it’s so confusing.

But there’s one claim that really confuses me. He claims that because he’s been a CEO, he’d be a better president that President Obama. Excuse me, but isn’t the national economy, and in fact the entire world economy in the terrible straits it is in because of CEOs? CEOs of banks, financial services corporations, Wall Street firms, energy corporations such as BP and Halliburton? This, he thinks, is what we should want to run the nation?

I’d rather elect a bucket of warm spit.


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