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AT & f**king T

June 23, 2012

I am well aware that I’m not the only one who dislikes AT&T.  Grrrr.  It’s not enough to make whatever millions and millions (or perhaps billions and billions) they make each year for the services they sell, but they have to try their damndest to bilk their customers as well.  Bah.  Fie upon them

Recently moved from one AT&T DSL service to another, this one called U-verse, which, for reasons I don’t know, necessitates my getting 2 bills a month now, instead of one.  If they can bundle their services, why can’t they bundle their bills?

Part of the deal with this change involved various fees, all of which were “waived”, sort of.  The installation fee of $35?  Well, the nice woman I dealt with on the phone was sooooo excited that she was able to get me one of the “coupons” that allowed her to waive this fee.  She told me that there are “like, only two of these a month.”  And why would that be, I wonder.  Lucky me.  I feel so fortunate – perhaps the point of saying there are only 2 a month.  Oh, I’ll feel all warm and rosy towards this mega-corporation – not!  Another fee that got “waived” was for $100.  I don’t remember what this non-fee was for, but instead of simply not charging me, I had to pay the $100 fee, then register to be sent a card worth $100 which came in the mail this week.  Here’s the 1st & 2nd places where AT&T might keep some money.  Perhaps I wouldn’t remember to register.  Or maybe the card would get lost in the mail and I wouldn’t notice.  Nope.  I registered, and it arrived.  On the card is printed the word “DEBIT’.  On the instructions that came with the card I’m told “When making a purchase, request the cashier to process your card as a “credit” transaction”.  Sure, that’s not going to cause any confusion, is it?  Maybe I won’t be able to use the card for that purchase, because the cashier won’t understand how to process it.  Maybe I’ll let it go and they’ll save $100 over there at poor, suffering AT&T.

Also, the card is “good thru 9/12”.  Is that 9/1/12 or 9/30/12?  And why should it expire at all?  Oh, I know why, it’s the final chance for AT&T to keep money that I’m supposed to get.

Okay.  I’ll see if I can get any use out of the card.

Bah!  May all the top execs drown in their hot tubs.


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