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Is it a question of not noticing?

July 6, 2012

A year or two ago I began having a problem saving documents in ms-word.  Eventually I resolved it, I don’t recall how – which is actually a consistent problem with computer related problems – at least for me.  When these problems arise again, I don’t remember how I took care of it the previous time.  Anyway, I made a note in a document in which I keep various notes to self.  Maybe the note described the solution.  I don’t know, because after having the note for a year or two, I deleted it 4 days ago, because the problem had never returned…until the day after I deleted the note.  I’m not kidding.  I have the note for at least a year.  I delete it.  THE VERY NEXT DAY, the problem returns.  This is, I think, the precursor to the rise of the machines predicted in the Terminator movies.  First they irritate the hell out of you.  Then they take over the planet.


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