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September 20, 2012

I have a computer.  I have a printer/scanner.  I have a cell phone.  I have a tv set, a stereo, an iPod, an electric guitar and amp, a small electronic keyboard, a hair dryer, a coffee maker, an air conditioner (although this belongs to the building I live in), a box fan, an external hard drive, an electronic postage scale and a car.  I know how to use all these things, although it would not surprise me if each has functions and capabilities that I do not know how to use, and may not even know exist.  I know, for example, that I don’t know how to text on my cell phone.

I’m a middle aged guy and, though not a technophobe, I’m certainly not plugged in, as it were, to the newest gadgets, apps, or thingamajigs.  My cell phone is not smart.  When my website needs changes, I have to contact the guy who made it for me and ask him to make the changes, because, even though I’ve learned how, I need to use those skills so infrequently, that I can never remember what I’d learned earlier.  So, like with algorithms, I once knew how, but know no longer.


What will next year bring, technologically?  What will appear by 2020.  By 2030.  By 2030 I’ll be old, if I be at all.  Learning new stuff is a bit challenging in middle age.  What will it be like as a bonafide oldster?  When little Sammy or Jane asks the meat if it’s cooked yet, will I just stare?  Will I get into difficulties at the mall because I’ve walked right through the hologram display?  When my doctor asks me if I’d like to undergo treatment that will make me the equivalent of 20 years old again, will I be able to decide if that’s something I’d want.  Will I have finally learned how to text?

Oh brave new world that has such gadgets in it.


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