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Integrity in an Economic downtime

November 15, 2012

I fear I am a grump.  My default setting is a belief that things will go wrong.  I complain.  Oy, I sound like bad company, although I know there are people who think otherwise.

Still, I am so glad when something comes along that points towards a sunnier point of view.  Such an event occurred this morning.

I am an actor.  I have auditions.  Fewer than I wish, but that’s material for another blog, perhaps. 

Today I had an audition for a tv show.  I drove over, and pulled onto a side street to look for a parking space.  There was a space next to a gas station, and maybe half a dozen guys were standing there, at the curb, looking like the guys who stand around outside Home Depot, and the truck rental places, so I figured they were looking for work.  I pulled alongside them and they got a bit excited, adding to my belief that they wanted work, and therefore wanted someone who might be an employer.  Which wasn’t me.  It occurred to me that my parking there might make it a tiny bit more awkward for someone who might want to hire them to pull over, so I pulled forward about 200 feet to another parking space.

The most direct path to my audition would have taken me across the street right away, but I walked back to these men to apologize for having inadvertently deceived them into thinking I might be an employer.  I explained that I was on my way to apply for a job myself (that is what an audition is, after all, a job interview).  One of the guys pointed out that I was parked in a spot during a time when there was no parking there, because of street cleaning.  I thanked him and headed back for my car.  He called after me “that’ll be ten dollars” or something like that.

I got back into my car and found another parking spot that didn’t expose me to a city fine.  Then I crossed the street back to where these guys were standing.  I offered five dollars to the guy who’d alerted me to the parking problem.  I said I couldn’t afford ten.  He wouldn’t take my money.  They all explained it was only a joke.

So here’s these guys, standing around, hoping for work – actually, I guess I can’t be certain of that, but it’s what I think the situation was – and he wouldn’t take five dollars after saving me at least thirty.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is honest, blue collar integrity, and I salute it, and them.

Makes me feel better about the human race in its entirety.  I hope he got some paying work.

I hope my audition gets me some, too.




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