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February 28, 2013

I’m a professional actor.  Made my first tv appearance in 1989.  I’d guess that most of the people I know are professional actors, and for a long time it has been quite common for me to see people I know on television.  Few of them are stars, most of them do other things to make ends meet, but they do show up on one show or another, or in a movie here and there, or a commercial.


However, I had a new experience earlier this week.  I started watching, using Netflix, an old tv show that I quite liked when it was on some years ago.  And right away I saw someone I knew.  That’s nothing new, as I wrote above.  What makes this a new experience is that she’s dead.  She passed away in the intervening years since she was on the show.  I don’t recall having that experience before, though I imagine I’ll have it again.  And as the years pass, I suppose I’ll have it more frequently, until, one day, someone else has that experience in relation to me


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