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March 1, 2013

When I was a kid things were simpler.  Not better, necessarily, but certainly simpler.  If you wanted a phone, you called the phone company and they came out and installed it.  It was black and it sat on a desk or counter, or the floor if you didn’t have a desk or counter.  There was no choice of ring tones, no choice of models.  With cars there were some choices, but I think for most people the choices came down to price, color and size, though I’m sure there were people with more knowledge of automotives who looked into horsepower and such.


Nowadays, we have lots more choice, but things are more complicated.  Probably better, but certainly more frustrating.

I’m thinking of getting a tablet.  Not one of those things on which the ten commandments were inscribed, but rather a type of computer.  iPad, Nook, Kindle, Derspringenparsin (I made up that last one…I think).  They all do mostly similar things, they all desperately try to explain how they’re different, and better, than the others.  The iPad is the most expensive, and has, I think, the most cachet, which certainly means a lot (actually, nothing) to me.  A friend who has an iPad said their customer support is terrific.  Now that means something to me. 


So what I need to do, or else become someone else entirely, is go to the Apple store and ask them to tell me about the iPad, then come home and look up a bunch of reviews of different tablets on the internet, then compare prices and features and decide which one to get.  And, since I am anything but single minded, this means it may be awhile before I get a tablet, even though, having made the decision to get one, I want one now.  But I seem to be constitutionally incapable of just going out and spending hundreds of dollars without knowing, or thinking I know, what I’m doing.

I go through this with so many decisions.  It makes me a tad nuts but it seems, and probably appears, rational. Whether it actually is, that’s another question.


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