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Scott McKinley

March 3, 2013

Less than a week ago, I wrote about having seen someone I knew on TV, who is now dead.  I knew this person from when we were both members of the same theater company.


Now this week, another person that I knew from another theater company, has died.  I had received a Facebook message from this guy, evidently the day he died.  The message had to do with a photo that he had taken of me about a year ago.  So, nothing pertinent.

I learned of his death after I’d written to another guy, who I originally met when we were both members of yet another theater company, to see how he was doing, having recently become a member of the 2nd theater company, and he replied quite promptly, including the information that this guy had died, though he knew no details.

I went to Facebook, where quite a few of my FB friends are people I originally met in that 2nd theater company, and there were a lot of postings about the death.  Shock.  Sadness.

The name of the guy who died is Scott McKinley.  A friendly, low-key guy who never seemed to be doing very well financially.  He hadn’t had a car in quite a long time.  He told me about a year ago that another guy we both knew had once borrowed his car, then never gave it back.  I’ve no idea whether that was, in fact, something that had happened.  I’d no reason to doubt him, but it is an odd scenario.

I know Scott had a brother, though that’s all I know about that.  Scott was an actor and a photographer, and I’ve just learned from the Facebook postings that he was also a poet.  It’s clear from the postings that quite a few people are going to miss him.  I wish I’d known him better.


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