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March 4, 2013


I’m a middle aged guy.  I exercise.  I’m somewhat muscular.  I don’t eat particularly healthily.  I’ve gained weight. 


When I look at myself in the mirror, facing my reflection, I look okay.  Maybe even pretty good.  I’ve got some definition.  My hair looks okay.

When I turn to the side and look at my profile – I can do this with my body, but obviously, to look at my face/head in profile, I have to use a 2nd mirror (or magic potion) – I am taken a bit by surprise.  Because I forget.  Sideways, I’ve got this belly that along with maybe 99% of other middle aged men, I really hate.  Sideways, it’s clear that my hairline has receded a substantial distance.  Let’s not even talk about using a 2nd mirror to look at the top of my head and seeing how much my hair has thinned out.  Whoops, talked about it.

So, sideways, I’ve got a convex belly and a concave hairline.  Oh well, at least I’m learning math.



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