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A signal

August 7, 2013

Waiting at a red light one morning recently.  Waiting to turn left.  Light turned green.  I don’t recall exactly what I was doing, but I don’t think I was watching the light.  Took me a moment to notice and then move forward a bit.  Guy behind me gave me a honk.  I realized I didn’t have my turn signal on.  He roared around me on the right.  Righteously indignant.  And I was abashed.  Really.  Because when I drive, it seems like every block there is someone double parked, or backing out of their driveway without waiting for it to be clear, or sliding into the parking lane and then expecting to be let back into the flow of traffic some car lengths forward, and changing lanes or turning without signalling.  Whoops.  All those things make me impatient.  Get me angry like as not.  And here I was, doing it too.  Reminds me I really, truly need to be more patient, more tolerant.  It’s difficult.  But who knows, maybe this is the time I’ll remember the lesson.


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