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Happy Holloween

October 31, 2013


I was a little kid in the 1950’s.  I had an older brother and an older sister.  By the time I started trick or treating, I suppose my sister was at least 13 y/o, and, though I don’t remember, I suppose she took me trick or treating with her, and then, a few years later when she might have felt too big to do this, my brother, 5 years older than me, probably took me.  Then, a few years after that, I would go on my own, or with a friend my own age.


I don’t know when things changed, so that parents were frightened to let their kids go without a parent, and I don’t know when (or if, but I suppose so) we reached circumstances when this would be necessary.  And I also don’t know when it became necessary to make sure that the candy the kids eat was new, storebought, wrapped, unopened.  No razor blades in the apples, for example.

In my neighborhood, if you went to the Sinclair gas station at 63rd and Whipple  (though it might have been 63rd and Richmond) they’d give you a coke.  Maybe an 8 ounce bottle.  I think they had those then.  And there was a house on Francisco between 66th and 67th that would give you 50c, which is probably the equivalent of eight thousand dollars today.

And every kid would come home with an enormous bag of candy.    It was great fun.  I never felt in any danger, no one ever did anything unpleasant to me or even spoke an unkind word to me.  I guess I was lucky to live when and where I did.

Nowadays, of course, the candy alone is a bad idea.  I guess.

I hope there are still places in the USA where parents can let their kids roam, house to house, trick or treating safely.

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  1. I followed you on the growing up cycle. It was still like that for me, but by the time my daughter started going out on Halloween (about the early 80s) the candy thing had started (urban legends about razor blades in apples and LSD on the backs of lickum type stamps/stickers) and parents were with the kids or taking them to the mall. Changes happened quickly. Halloween may yet become a thing of the past.

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